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Azamgarh ITI Admission, Admit Card, Entrance Exam and Result

Azamgarh is a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is located in its eastern part. It is situated on the banks of river Tamsa between Ganga and Ghagra. The district was built by Nawab AzamShah and hence it is named as Azamgarh. The average literacy rate of the district is quite high which 70.93% in 2011 as compared to 56.95% in 2001.

The district boasts various higher education colleges and institutes imparting educational as well as technical skills to the students. The prominent colleges of the district include Government Medical College located at Chakrapanpur which is affiliated to King George’s Medical University, Lucknow and Government Engineering College which has its campus at the Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur. Apart from this the district has two Government Industrial Training Institutes (ITI’s) in Azamgarh as well namely Government Industrial Training Institute, Azamgarh and Government Training Institute Lalgang. Apart from the government, there are private technical institutes in the district as well which are Kashi Chandradev Yadav Private ITI, Hazipur and Rehman Private ITI at Daudpur.

Students can enrol in various engineering as well as non engineering courses with the minimum qualification of matriculation. Vyavasayik Pareekha Parishad in the state of Uttar Pradesh is responsible for conducting the entrance examination for admission to various courses in Industrial Training Institutions. Its official site is

Students can also visit as well which is an education portal that offers student all the updated information about courses, downloading of the application form, examination results, admit cards , counselling dates etc to save their valuable time.


Who can apply?

Qualification: Only 10th Passed from state education boards.
Age Limitation: Minimum age is required to have 14 years.

1अनुसूचित जाति (S.C.) के अभ्यर्थियों के लिएव्यवसायवार एवं समस्त प्रवेश सीटों का 21 प्रतिशत।
2अनुसूचित जनजाति (S.T.) के अभ्यर्थियों के लिएव्यवसायवार एवं समस्त प्रवेश सीटों का 02 प्रतिशत।
3अन्य पिछड़ा वर्ग (O.B.C.) के अभ्यर्थियों के लिएव्यवसायवार एवं समस्त प्रवेश सीटों का 27 प्रतिशत।
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Azamgarh iti map
S.N.College NameCode
Government ITI College List
1Government ITI, Azamgarh [146]146
2Government ITI, Mehnagar, Azamgarh [147]147
3Government ITI, Phoolpur, Azamgarh [149]149
4Government ITI, Lalganj, Azamgarh [159]159
Private ITI College List
1Kisan Pragati Sansthan Private ITI [1644 ] - Azamgarh1644
2Mahila Private ITI [1645 ] - Azamgarh1645
3Rastriya Gramin Private ITI [1656 ] - Azamgarh1656
4Maa Sharda Saraswati Private ITI [1681 ] - Azamgarh1681
5Ram Krishan Paramhans Private ITI [1690 ] - Azamgarh1690
6Sar Sayed School Of Technology Private ITI [1712 ] - Binapara - Azamgarh1712
7Shivam Private ITI [1724 ] - Azamgarh1724
8Azad Private ITI [1727 ] -Munda Zafarpur, Sadar, Distt-Azamgarh1727
9Lalti Educational Institute Of Technology [1753 ] - Azamgarh1753
10Shri Baba Sadhav Ramtechnical Private ITI [1755] - Azamgarh1755
11Comptech Computer Centre [1798 ] - Azamgarh1798
12Avadh Narayan Singh Private ITI [1806 ] - Azamgarh1806
13Surendra Private ITI [1815 ] - Azamgarh1815
14Dr. Ramdhari Private ITI [1839 ] - Azamgarh1839
15Ram Nath Dhananjay Audyogik Prashikshan Kendra [1852 ] Jagadishpur Ataraulia - Azamgarh1852
16Sree Sai Private ITI [1859 ] - Azamgarh1859
17Smt. Kanti Devi Private ITI [1861 ] -Heera Patti, Azamgarh1861
18Navneet Private ITI [1876 ] - Azamgarh1876
19Iqra Public Private ITI [1882 ] Gulami Ka Pura Sadar, Azamgarh1882
20Vijay Pratap Singh Private ITI [1894 ] Lachirampur, Azamgarh1894
21Azamgarh Private ITI [1896 ] - Azamgarh1896
22Shri Kawal Dhari Private ITI [1901 ] Baba Katayiganj Iswarpur, Azamgarh1901
23Mayank Private ITI [1905 ] - Azamgarh1905
24Shri Ram Janki Private ITI [1914 ] - Azamgarh1914
25Priyanka Private ITI [1927 ] - Azamgarh1927
26Lalta Prasad Singh Private ITI [1932 ] - Azamgarh1932
27Sant Baksha Private ITI [1936 ] - Azamgarh1936
28J.S.B Private ITI [1937 ] - Azamgarh1937
29Radhika Singh SmrITI PrivateITI [1966 ] - Azamgarh1966
30Priyanka Private ITI [2066] - Azamgarh2066
31Jai Bajarang Private ITI [2067] - Azamgarh2067
32Kashi Chandradev Yadav Private ITI [2068] - Azamgarh2068
33A.H. Private ITI [2069] - Azamgarh2069
34C. S. Private ITI [2070] - Azamgarh2070
35Jai Mangal Yadav Smarak Private ITI [2071 ] - Azamgarh2071
36R.K. Private ITI [2072 ] - Azamgarh2072
37Arihant Private ITI [2073] - Azamgarh2073
38Babu Harihar Singh [2074] - Azamgarh2074
39Saraswati Devi Private ITI [2075] - Azamgarh2075
40Harsh Private ITI [2076] - Azamgarh2076
41Kalika Smarak Private ITI [2077] - Azamgarh2077
42Shri Thakur Ji Private ITI [2078] - Azamgarh2078
43Kashinath Ramnaresh Private ITI [2079] - Azamgarh2079
44Pt. Rampher Rajpati Smarak Private ITI [2080] - Azamgarh2080
45Shri Chhotelal Private ITI [2081] - Azamgarh2081
46National Private ITI [2082] - Azamgarh2082
47Hari Prasad Private ITI [2083] - Azamgarh2083
48Anirudha Private ITI [2084], Bhormau, Sikraur, Azamgarh2084
49Engineer Malwarsingh Private ITI [2085] - Azamgarh2085
50Narayan Private ITI [2413] - Azamgarh2413
51Nav Srijan Private ITI [2488], Lohra-Atraulia - Azamgarh2488
52Kunal Private ITI [2499], Pichari, Mubarakpur - Azamgarh2499
53Jagat Private ITI [2556], Gaddopur, Malgaon, Azamgarh2556
54Shyama Private ITI [2601], Pavai, Phulphur, Azamgarh2601
55Swami Vivekanand Private ITI [2603] Kaptanganj, Azamgarh2603
56Shanti Private ITI [2648], Azamgarh2648
57Chandra Devi Private ITI [2651], Azamgarh2651
58Crossbelly Private ITI [2720], Azamgarh2720
59Jdn International Private ITI [2753], Azamgarh2753
60J.P.P. Private ITI [2768], Azamgarh2768
61Bbrps Private ITI [2818], Azamgarh2818
62Ramdhari Private ITI [2876], Azamgarh2876
63Maa Vindhyawasini Private ITI [2877], Azamgarh2877
64Gyan Deep Private ITI [2878], Azamgarh2878
65Maa Vindhyawasini Ananta Private ITI [2910], Azamgarh2910
66M.S. Private ITI [2927], Azamgarh2927
67Sri Sai Maa Sharda Private ITI [2965] Basirhan, Gambhirpur, Azamgarh2965
68Ram Nagina Private ITI [2996], Mauparaseen Tiyara Morh Mehnajpur, Azamgarh2996
69Shambhunath Memorial Private ITI [3036], Azamgarh3036
70Harishanti Private ITI [3038], Azamgarh3038
71Maa Kaushilya Private ITI [3048], Azamgarh3048
72V S D Private ITI [3064], Azamgarh3064
73Rahman Private ITI [3070], Azamgarh3070
74Sri Sai Private ITI [3108], Azamgarh3108
75Al Pervez Private ITI [3111], Azamgarh3111
76R N Private ITI [3124], Azamgarh3124
77Maa Pyari Devi Private ITI [3150], Azamgarh3150
78J P Y Private ITI [3155], Azamgarh3155